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What's a cookie?

A cookie is information placed on your hard drive by the server of the site you are visiting.

It contains several pieces of data:

  • the name of the server that placed it;
  • an identifier in the form of a unique number;
  • possibly an expiry date...

This information is sometimes stored on your computer in a simple text file that a server accesses to read and save information.

Operating Cookies

Cookies enable us to remember the choices made by users on our site. Users benefit from more personalized features. The information they collect will not personally identify or track users' browsing.

Audience analysis cookies

The audience analysis solution used by this site is Google Analytics. Audience analysis cookies are used to collect anonymous information and generate reports on the usage statistics of this site without the individual users being personally identified. This data can be used to help us optimize our website and make it easier to navigate.